[Our Love Story] Our Wedding 10-17-08

Holy Cow, where do I even begin. From the very beginning of our relationship I knew Dallas was the one. We laugh together, communicate well, we appreciate the other for who they are, and we just like to be around each other.

When he asked me to marry him, I knew I didn't want to wait a full year to make it happen.. so instead, I planned our wedding in three months! He wanted to elope and I wanted the full wedding.. so we compromised and decided to invite everyone to Vegas and do a proper wedding. We reserved the chapel at Mandalay Bay and then set up a lunch reception at Maggiano's. Being that it was a Friday morning/lunch thing we got some great deals!

The day quickly approached. Everything was good to go and my dream came true. I became someones forever. Here are some photos that briefly capture this momentous day in our lives.. The day we established our family.

What a special day/time in our life. We appreciate all the support of the family and friends who came out to celebrate our love and those that wish they could have been there.  

I love you FOREVER, I love you for ALWAYS!

To read more about our wedding weekend in Vegas go here.

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