My First Pinterest Party

This past Saturday I invited over a few of my crafty friends for a Pinterest party. What is a Pinterest Party you may ask?? Well it's a get together where you bring a craft and a snack inspired by Pinterest!!

Here are some pics of the party!

1. Kelsey made glitter ornaments (the glitter is on the inside.. no more sparkly floor!)
2. Melissa worked on syrup bottles for the hot chocolate bar she is planning for her winter wedding
3. I made snowmen out of socks and rice.. and the handy dandy glue gun!
4. Kim made Felt gift bows
5. Rachel made blinged out and snowmen bag ties!
6. and Nikki made adorable music note alerter's (not really sure what to call them, for for cube world to alert coworkers when you have headphones on and aren't just ignoring them :))

This also was the first time that (from left to right ) Rachel form HardingHappenings, me and, Kim from FromAtoSneed all got together.. being the bloggers that we are, we had to capture that in a photo!
What a fun afternoon. Can't wait to put another one of these together.. or maybe even be an attendee at someone elses, hint, hint!

For more fun photos of this party.. check out Kim's blog post HERE and being the awesome blogger that she is, she located the links for the crafts you see above. Go check em out!