Toy Story On Ice

On January 18th, we loaded the boys up and headed downtown to see our very first Disney on Ice show! When I saw that it was Toy Story 3, I new we had to attempt to go since Lil D LOVES him some Toy Story.

We got into the venue and to our seats just before the show began. The seats were decent for what we paid but the area was kind of crowded :( Luckily there was no one sitting in front of me since it seemed that lil D wanted to stand (not sit on my lap) and kept trying to climb all over the chair in front of me. Just before intermission hubs needed to use the facilities and we decided we wanted to move over a couple of sections since there were entire rows that were empty.

Ironically, once the show started the second half Lil D wanted me to hold him..

I think the part of the show he got most excited at and started really dancing was when the little green aliens came out! It was so much fun watching his excitement throughout the entire show.. he thoroughly enjoyed it which made the night 100% worth it!

Griffin enjoyed the show as well, he sat in his daddy's lap really well just watching all the lights and colors. Before intermission we had to prepare and feed him his night time bottle and I thought he'd fall asleep.. but nope..he powered through as much as he could and right before we left he started getting sleepy.

Being that the show runs about 2 hours, we ended up leaving before it was over, lil D started to get restless and Griffin was half asleep in his daddy's arms.. but on our way out I talked hubs into getting our picture with the stars of the show.. a plastic set with Woody and Buzz.. The photographer did a great job and got all of us looking AND smiling at the camera.... AMAZING! (sorry for the quality.. it's a picture of a picture :))

On the way to the car (which we parked super close to the arena) we let Lil D walk... and by walk I mean we did the 1...2....3(lift him in the air) it was really cute because he would squeal with excitement when we said 2 :)

By the time we drove back across town, they were both out!

We really enjoyed our family date night. Sometimes I feel like I'm taking crazy pills because I want to attempt these things with a toddler and an infant.. but it was a success and we had a great night.

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