[Party Time] My Mom Turns the BIG 5-0!!

50 years ago on January 25th 1962 an amazing woman was born, I'm proud to call her my mama! Not only am I proud to have her as a mom I am even prouder that my kids get to call her grandma!

On my mom's actual birthday we had a family dinner!! Luckily Kelsey and Craig were able to make the drive from Tucson for it!  We had a delicious steak dinner with loaded baked potatoes!! So good... and to top it off, chocolate cake and ice cream! Before the big meal however, Hubz and I left the kids with the fam and went for a run together (rare occurrence when you have kiddos) it was really nice he pushes me to run harder and longer than I do on my own.

Anyhow, if you know my mom.. you know that she isn't the flowers type"they just die" so in lieu of flowers I usually give her scratch tickets. She enjoys them.

I decided I wanted to make something cute instead of just throwing them in a card... so I threw together this cute little scratch card bouquet...in literally, just a few minutes!

Supplies needed:
vase or jar of some kind
decorative rocks (or if ur last minute like me, ones from the yard would work)
ribbon or fabric to decorate the vase
bamboo skewers
clips of some sort (I used mini clothespins)
hot glue gun

Hot glue the clips (facing up) to the skewers, I varied the heights so that they weren't all at the top. Once those are dry, place them in the vase with rocks. Take fabric or ribbon and tie around the vase to cuteify it! Then add the scratch tickets! and whaaaalaaaa a cute lil gift! (sorry for the crappy phone pic :() (linking up at Wow Me Wednesday's with Ginger Snap Crafts
BTW, the Wheel of Fortune ticket was the big $40 winner :)

So Wednesday passes and my mom thinks the birthday celebrations are all finished.. well not so quick mama dear!!


On the Saturday night after mom's birthday we( my brother, sister, grandma and Dad) had a party at my house. Using the bait of coming to see the babies we were able to get her over!

Here is some of the decor and the food!!

I saw this idea on pinterest (but of course) and on a few blogs out there!! 
It was fun to get to recreate myself.(Thanks Jason for actually hanging it)
The spread was snack bar themed food (stuff you would get from a bingo hall!) Nachos, hot dogs, chili, soft pretzels, chips and dip. Kelsey's DELICIOUS raosted salsa and Mary's fab guacamole.
Plus cupcakes for dessert!!
I used bingo cards as decor where ever I could as well as the colors red and black. (Thanks Aunt Pat for hanging the banner) I also used the number G50 since that's an actual bingo number. 

 I created this art.. customized for my mom :)
With the Help of Jason and his friends Jenny and Josh plus my dad and grandma...  She arrived!
 Being that the party was bingo themed we had to play a few games (or 6) and the prizes???
Bingo scratch tickets, but of course :)
 Three of mom's sister's were there!!
 and here are pics of the family (minus Kelsey and Craig :( ) Mom blowing the candles out, mom's coworker Susan and friend and finally, mom scratching some of her many scratch tickets!!
 Mom really seemed to be surprised and we all had a great time!

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