Pinning - The Party Planner

I'm finally linking up again with Courtney  and Kim for this weeks Pinning challenge!

So I haven't done the pinning challenge all January... I've been trying to catch up on all the other posts I had planned and although I had ideas for the challenges I had no time to execute :( However I'm super excited to get back to it especially because this week sounded even more fun than normal! Since I have two birthday parties coming up in the near future :)

First up, my oldest son's (Lil D) 2nd birthday party coming this April.. We're going full on Toy Story. I'm thinking Pizza Planet themed food and lots of Toy Story themed fun!!

Toy Story treats:

Alien Cupcakes Check out how I took this concept and made alien cakepops.
Jesse Cookies
Sheriff Woody Cookies
Space Ship Grape Skewers

Fun craftiness, props, games and decor!

Buzz Photo Prop
Wheezy Craft
Bullseye Game

Toy Story Cake
Toy Story Cake 2

Toy Story Party

and my other lil man's birthday will be turning 1 a couple of months later (June).. and I am planning.. what else?? A Lil Man 1st birthday party!! I've actually had this theme picken out before he was even born (Yes, I am crazy!)
Lil Man Party Scape

I love the lil ties.. I'm thinking that everyone will be required to wear one! And if I do the tie wreath my friend Morgan pointed out it would be cute for Father's Day too!! (which I believe is also in June..SCORE)
Tie Wreath
Tie Banner
Tie Favor Bags

 And you can't have a lil man party with out some cute 'staches!!
Mustache Art
Mustache Straws
Photo Props

And here are a few general kid party ideas I thought were too cute not to share!
Crayons and Coloring
Ice Cream Serving 
Glow Balloons

So many ideas out there.. I'm sure I'm missing ALL kinds of fun things!