Alien Cake Pop Recipe

As you saw on my Toy story party recap post last week I had made these fun and delicious three eyed aliens for the party.
I got a TON of compliments on not only how cute they were...but how yummy they tasted!! So I thought I'd share my recipe and technique to create these lil guys!!

What you need:
-Chocolate box cake mix
  -water, oil, eggs the box calls for
-white frosting
-snack pack cup of banana cream pudding
-candy melt chocolate (in green)
-candy sticks

Alien details:
-edible eyeballs
-pull and peel green licorice separated and cut into 3/4 in.antennas
-chocolate covered sunflower seeds (they are multi-colored and you have to pick out the green ones)

1 bake a cake according to the directions on the box.. I chose chocolate. Once baked let it cool until you can handle it with your hands.
2 Destroy cake with a fork... try not to eat too many chucks (although I may not have followed this step myself) then move destroyed cake to a bowl.
3 Once the crumbled cake is in the bowl add to 2 spoonfuls of vanilla frosting and my secret ingredient was a container of banana cream snack pack pudding. Mix together until you get a dough like consistency ... I had to mix with my hands.
Now that you have the dough put a spoonful into your palm roll it into a ball and then shape it oblong to look like the alien shaped head and then place on a baking sheet
5 Melt a small amount of chocolate and dip the stick into the chocolate and then into the alien head.
6 Refrigerate for at least a couple of hours.
7  you'll need some sort of cake pop holder so they can be upright to dry. I created my own but I believe you can buy a stand.
8 Melt the green chocolate, dip the alien head then place into the stand. now you can place the eyeballs, sunflower seed ears and green antennas.. If you wanted to get even more fancy you could add a mouth but I didn't find that necessary!
As I said these were the hit of the party!! They were quite tasty!

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