Top 10 New Orleans Moments

Here are my 10 favorite memories of my vacation to New Orleans with one of my best friends, Kari! FYI, events are in chronological order (for the most part!)

1.) On Friday, at the airport after getting Starbucks... moments later we hear our names being called to get to our flight... oops! However a nice man (towards the front of the plane, score) offered to move so we could sit together! Great start to our trip!
2.) When we arrived we were greeted with a driver who had our names on a sign! He was SUPER nice and since his next arrival's flight was late he took us for a little tour and gave us some great tips!
3.) First night there and we got Gigantic $7 beers by the river... not long after these photos it started raining so we didn't make it to the KISS concert.. we instead walked a mile to bourbon street to enjoy 3 for 1 beers at Bourbon Cowboy!
this is after the 3 for 1 beers on out way back to the hotel! Silly much!?!
3.) On Saturday we went to the NCAA semi final!  and finally inside the stadium!! Both teams we were cheering for (Louisville and Ohio, the red teams) lost :(
4.) THE FOOD!! Our hotel has PB&J every night at 10pm in their lobby!
5.) Staying classy!!! Sunday night we went to see Jimmy Buffet preform. It was pretty cool!
6.) Cafe Du Monde, nuff said... ok, ok, I'll elaborate! They serve something called a benignant which is FABULOUS!
7.) Our rain adventure.... Here is the Dark cloud behind St. Louis cathedral when we were on our way to Cafe Du Monde.
Well soon after that photo the dark cloud released a torrential downpour... Kari and I decided to walk back to the hotel (1-2 miles away) with out one umbrella. A van came along and drenched us with a wave of water... It was hilarious and just what we needed!!
8.) How bout some championship basketball!!!!! We were rooting for Kansas... Kentucky won. which made us 0-3. Oh well!
9.) Closing down the sports bar by the hotel. We met a really cool older couple that we enjoyed chatting with. Everyone we met was so nice this entire trip.
10.) The sights!! it is such a cool city and I really enjoyed the reset and time with a great friend..
It was an amazing, fun time and I really enjoyed myself.. however I missed my hubby and boys like crazy. I can't wait for the boys to get old enough to do really cool family vacations.

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