Toy Story Party!

My son is a HUGE fan of anything Toy Story.. so it was the obvious choice for his 2nd birthday party theme!

I found some adorable invites on Etsy from The Party Mom she actually donates part of her proceeds to St. Jude's! I went ahead and ordered the matching thank you's and water bottle labels as well. It was a custom request to add my sweet boys face peeking over the side as well!

In addition to the invite the few people who received an actual printed invite also received a cute lil card that I created to let them know what size Lil D wears and what sorts of things he's into.
Pizza Boxes:
I decided to do a Pizza Planet themed meal since that was big in the original Toy Story movie and hey, ordering pizza sounds nice and easy to me!!! My husband was doing something on the internet and came across a website where someone taped the Pizza Planet logo to the top of the delivery pizza box and he thought it was a cute idea.. I agreed but wanted to do it even better. My friend helped me track down some plain white pizza boxes and I found this image on the web HERE, I printed on 11 x 17 paper, trimmed it down and glued it to the top of the boxes.. Then I decided to make some logo labels for the sides. I couldn't find any logos that would work so I played around with the file and came up with something. These were one of my favorite details...I think they turned out adorable!

I kept the rest of the menu simple too by serving a make your own salad bar, some candy, and chips and dip.

Cupcake Tower:
Also going with the theme I made a Buzz spaceship cupcake tower! I found the idea HERE and just had to try it. So I gathered the supplies.. except I decided it would be easier to just do the metal part in tin foil although it didn't look quite as nice. Then I used cans I already had, scrapbook paper and I printed some  buzz light year colors to cut strips out of for the decoration.

Cupcake Wrappers:
The cupcake topper/wraps really made it look cool. I ordered them through Opal and Mae on Etsy.
They were super cute and everybody loved them.

Cake Pops:
The cake pop holder was a wing it, fly by the seat of my pants sort of thing. I had bought some Styrofoam discs at the dollar store but I didn't feel like they were going to hold a top heavy cake pop so I was just playing around with things I had and I came up with placing 2 discs inside of 2 Styrofoam bowls and poking holes in them with a bamboo skewer then I placed the sticks into the holes to get an idea of where they would sit. I folded foil around it to give it a UFO like appearance and I placed a skewer in the middle so it could act as a handle of sorts so I could get them into the trifle dish. Being that the dish is glass I decided to decorate it with the pizza planet colors and logo and after it was all in I taped the phrase "oooooooooh" on the skewer since that's what the aliens say in the movie.

I found a package of character chip board at Hobby Lobby and decided to just put it up on the mini clothespin line I use for all of the other holiday's on my china cabinet. I actually did this before Easter and told my son it could stay up all of April. Inside the cabinet I used a bunch of the toy story toys he had around the house!

A lot of the decorations I used were from a random find at Walmart! I found this cool party pack for only $8 with a ton of character pop outs that I used wherever I fancied!

Treat Buckets:
I had found the treat buckets at the Target dollar spot right after Christmas for .50 each! I decided to fill it with treats that Lil D really likes, raisins, m&m's, fruit leather, and goldfish! Then I got a couple of small typical favor things as well as Cars stickers (on clearance..SCORE)

For the front door I had created a "wreath" that was total last minute! A little bit of hot glue solves everything!! I had this cool frame for years waiting for a purpose and it finally found one. I taped black paper to the back of the frame and then glued the lil army men to the paper!
Our cousins Jasen and Cari brought over this roller coaster toy that their daughter doesn't use and more.. Dallas LOVES it!!!! He was in heaven having people to push him on it!
We had a small gathering with about 50 close friends and family!
Lil D LOVED having everyone sing to him!!! and he demolished his cupcake! Griffin hung out for the singing and a quick photo but was a tired baby. He went down at about 6:30 and slept until about 7 the next morning..
Next, it was time for some presents!!! Lil D enjoyed getting toys... but wasn't so interested in the clothes. I, however, am grateful for his new summer wardrobe!
Lil D really enjoyed his party and as a mama.. that's all I could hope for! He enjoyed it SOO much he passed out on the ground, poor guy :)

All in all the party was a success. Every time I saw my Lil Man he had a big smile on his face and was having a great time. And that's the point of all of it. It's why I put the stress, time, and effort in to begin with. He got an entire new wardrobe and some fun new toys. I am blessed to have so many friends and family that love my baby.

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