Wholly Guacamole Salsa Review

Have you heard about it?? It's all the rage.. I scream, you scream.. we all scream for Wholly Salsa!!

Ok, ok that was kind of cheesy but I'm feeling really cheesy excited over this new product. Wholly Salsa.. I've tried their guac before and was impressed.... but oh my... the salsa is EVEN BETTER! And did I mention it's all natural? Score!!

I recently volunteered to join an event hosted by Angie of Little Inspiration & Sonja of Shy Babies. A Food.Fun.Hop! 

I thought I'd get a container of salsa in the mail to try but howdy ho I received a gigantic cooler of all kinds of fun salsa to try!  They sent their whole new salsa line and a few containers of their famous guac too! I was ecstatic to get to try all of the fabulous flavors like pineapple, avocado verde, and roasted tomato.. When I finally got some tortilla chips in the house my husband and I went for the spicy pico and guacamole. It was SOO good that we killed the entire container while I was working on dinner well mainly my husband but I certainly had my fair, delicious share! 

To participate in the Food.Fun.Hop I had to share a recipe I came up with using a Wholly Salsa product. I decided to go for a fun and easy idea using the WHOLLY SALSA ROASTED TOMATO DIP.  Gourmet Hot Dogs! Does anyone else want to shout "Hot Diggity Dog?" No? just me..

Wholly Gourmet Hot Dog
Here's your shopping list:
-package or gourmet hot dogs (I used beef and jalapeño)
-flat bread (pita or nann would work)
-1 package sliced mushrooms
-1/2 yellow onion, sliced
-6 oz cream cheese
-1 tsp chipotle sauce
-and of course the star of the show WHOLLY SALSA ROASTED TOMATO DIP
(I also use 1/4 c olive oil and garlic salt to taste on the veggies)

slice your onion and wash your mushrooms, sauté with some olive oil and garlic salt

mix together 1tsp chipotle sauce and 6 oz of cream cheese until combined

cook sausages according to package directions

heat flat bread between moist paper towels (to keep moist)

top flat bread with chipotle cream cheese spread, the hot dog, sautéed vegetable, and finally smother in WHOLLY SALSA ROASTED TOMATO DIP

Eat and ENJOY!!

During the making of this recipe I thought I'd share what else was going on around me...
I had two lil guys determined to be in my way as much as possible.
AND!! My husband filming the making of this dish. He's just learning about filming/video editing and wanted the practice!

Here's our fun little how-to video filmed and edited by Dallas.

Wholly Salsa Products were received in order to facilitate this review and giveaway, but all opinions are 100% my own.

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