A Mom to Boys

I am a mom to boys...

I always thought I'd have a little girl with hair-bows and tutu's, dance lessons, and prom dresses.. but alas... I am a mom to boys. 

Instead of tea parties and playing house I have a lifetime of body function noise contests and years of dirt, mud, and skinned knees.

It means at Christmas time there is no pink in sight, no princess anything, no frilly Christmas dresses.
It means Christmas is covered in trucks, action figures, and oh-too-soon video games. (however, I do get cute sweaters and hats!)

There will be lots of baseball, basketball, and football games.. lucky for me, I like sports.

I'm beginning to see the joys in being a mom to boys.. knowing that I'll always be their first love helps.

And I'm telling myself all the good things about not having a daughter (trying to convince myself.. maybe) No dance lessons means no three hour dance recitals and expensive costumes. No daughter means no crazy I hate my mom teenage years. There will be no I need these 18 different accessories and pairs of shoes (hello mama will get all the jewelry) I won't have as much of the drama in high school.. I was a girl, I know all about it! and I won't find my favorite earnings have gone missing.

Don't get me wrong I know I'll have plenty of troubles with my two boys.. especially because they are so close in age and will only be on grade apart. But I'm choosing to ignore that for now... I suppose that's a blog post for another day. However, with faces like these I'm sure I'll forget..