[Merry Magical] Advent Calendar

I have never had an advent calendar before. I think they are so adorable but growing up we just didn't have one. So I decided this year that I would love to make one for my boys. I actually decided on two but here is the first one.
It was so simple to make! I picked up a mini muffin tin at Target and some cute Christmas scrapbook paper at Michael's along with a roll of magnet.  I cut out a test sheet of paper and lined it up to one of the cupcake openings and then measured the rest from that template. Then i cut a magnet the length of the top and bottom and then in half again to make my magnet go further and because it didn't need to be so wide. One of the pages in scrapbook paper book had these cute numbers so I cut those out to number the openings. All that's left is to add treats (I have M&M's, skittles and mini M&M's in each of ours) Can't wait until Saturday to get the boys interested in the countdown! I really need to finish the other calendar now!!

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