Busy Bag Swap 2012

About a month ago a blogger friend of mine SeeVanessaCraft posted that she was going to host a busy bag swap and wanted to know if anyone was interested... well I jumped at the chance!! I also invited a couple of my girls, Rachel and Jamie!

After the sign up was closed we had over 30 kids!! I opted to get two sets since I know my boys will both want to play at the same time... but that also meant I had to make over 60 bags.... AHHHH!!

I decided on my bags and picked up supplies fairly quickly...even did a bunch of the leg work for one of them.. but then I stalled! A couple of nights before the party I started on them again and lets just say they were time consuming. My friend Jamie wanted to come over and play with my new silhouette cutting toy for her bag the night before the party. We totally under estimated how long our bags would take.. and lets just say I faired better than her in the sleeping department getting 3 hours of sleep.
Once I dragged myself out of bed and got the boys ready we headed out to Vistancia for the meetup! It was such an adorable party and a nice day to play outside at the park.. however.. Mr. Griffin is a RUNNER! Every time I put him down he would take off again like it was the most fun game ever invented. After 30 minutes of chasing him and watching Dallas try to play while juggling a sippy cup, juice box and a few pretzel rods.. I finally got them both in the swings so I could take a breather, thank goodness for toddler swings.

After trying to corral my kids for a group photo.. lets just say I got a workout muscling 50+ pounds of wiggly children, it was time to put them back in their stroller and enjoy some time chatting with my friends! Luckily snacks were supplied and my hanging out time was extended!
On top of receiving all of the amazing busy bags the moms worked so hard on, each of the moms received a swag bag with lots of great stuff and there were prizes up for grabs!! Jamie and I both won!!

It was a good thing I was high on my win and the great morning at the park.. because on the way back.. Jamie and I both somehow got turned around and ended up taking a really long way home :( like an hour instead of 20 minutes. and in the home stretch of the drive lil D ended up throwing up all over himself...oh motherhood can be very trying!


Vanessa did a great job of rounding up all of the bags with instructions: Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3
She also put together a great list of all the sponsors check it out HERE

The boys have been enjoying their busy bags.. I've been trying to slowly pull them out,.. its like getting a new toy!

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