San Diego

On Christmas afternoon Dallas said to me that he wanted to go somewhere since we were both off for the next couple of days. I was all on board, I'm always up for an adventure!! I said why don't we go to San Diego.

So Christmas evening we asked my parents and brother if they were up for a drive to San Diego for a short trip just to go do something. They were all for it. After the kids were in bed on Christmas I ran around the house and got us all packed up for the short trip. We got up early the next morning, loaded the boys up, and met up over at my parents house to caravan.. But first, Starbucks, of course (a road trip must).  Then we were off.

We arrived to the Marriott Marquis hotel (it was employee appreciation month so Dallas got a screaming deal) around 1 in the afternoon, got settled in then decided to head out to my cousins home. They didn't know we were coming until we got to Cali and called them! We spent the entire evening over there visiting, having dinner, we even ran a couple of errands. One of them was picking  up a 9ft Christmas tree that I bought online on clearance for $100!! woo hoo! (Thanks again Jason for giving me the idea of checking the San Diego Home Depot)

We headed back to the hotel and the kids were sleepy so we got them to bed and my parents offered to stay with them (we had adjoining rooms) and let me, Dal and Jason go out. So out we went. We took a cab to the cab drivers Mexican food restaurant suggestion where we enjoyed beers and burritos. Afterwards we walked back to the hotel, in the rain. It wasn't a long walk and the rain wasn't coming down too bad so it was a lot of fun.

The next morning we had heard about a balloon parade happening not too far away so we decided to walk that way... after another Starbucks stop, of course! We ended up not going all the way to the parade by the time we got down there it was super crowded, it wasn't going to start for a while, and the boys were getting antsy. We then decided to walk around downtown some more. It was a bit chilly but nice out and we enjoyed ourselves. Then we  headed back to the hotel to get in the cars and go to Balboa park. However, there was also a 5k happening... right in front of our hotel so we walked around the hotel for a bit until the traffic cleared.

Once cleared, we leaded up and headed over to Balboa park where we found a cute little cafe called the Tea Pavilion. Dal and I got some delicious Asian chicken noodle soup and amazing hot tea and it totally hit the spot! After eating we walked around some and explored a little garden area when Griffin decided to immerse his foot in the pond and lil D wanted to play in it as well.. About that time was when it was time to get on the road. I can't wait to get back and explore that park some more, it is huge and really cool. As we were heading to our car we stopped for Jason to use the restroom and an Asian tourist asked us if he could take a picture with Griffin because he had really nice eyes.. strangest thing that has ever happened to us.

So on the road again we were.. and our whirlwind road trip was complete.. well after we stopped in Dateland and tried a date smoothie for the first time (Griff also enjoyed it!)... then it was complete :)

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