Thoughts, Prayers, Anger, and Love

I originally was preparing a post on hope and love today.. but after the events that have transpired this morning all I feel is anger and sadness.

There is so much evil, so much ugly, and so much hate in this world and it truly hurts my heart that this is the world I have to raise my children in. All day I've been feeling sick over this tragedy, I can't help but ask why? Why would someone do this to innocent people, innocent children? What causes a person to feel the need to spread their pain and hurt to others and most of the time ultimately kills them self as well? If things are that miserable why can't that person just end their own life and be done with it.. not that I think suicide is the answer but it's sure is a lot better than killing a room full of people.

How many of these shootings do we have to see before something is done?

Leaders: PLEASE do something.. stricter laws, more punishment....something, anything, make this non-sense stop. Let me raise my beautiful children in a beautiful world.

Don't get me wrong I know there are still good people in this world and that amazingly wonderful things happen every day... I also know that these things aren't as focused on in the media.. but these negative, ugly things seem to overshadow all the good.

Tonight and every night I will hug my kids tight, I will give them even more kisses. I will do all I can to protect them but still live life. I will make sure that they always know how much I love them and I will pray for their protection and safety every day. I will teach them to look for help and to one day be helpers too.

For now, I grieve for Newtown, Connecticut. Rest in peace beautiful children, you will not be forgotten I am sending my prayers and love to all of the affected families and the shaken community. May you all have healing and strength in this difficult time and all the difficult days ahead.