Couch Cleaning

Hey everyone I just wanted to impart my couch cleaning knowledge on you today. I know a lot of you are also out there with microfiber sofas and little hands making them a mess. What were we all thinking when we purchased these? I know that I thought it would hold up so great when we had children.. FALSE every little mark is visible on these things and spot cleaning makes a bigger mess half the time.. Especially if it's a mark that has been there who knows how long. And face it.. kids make messes and we don't always find them right away.
You really only need two things, well three if you include elbow grease. The two things are a spray bottle of warm water with a couple of drops dish soap and a stiff brush.
It's gonna take hours for the couch to dry so I do this before I go to bed for the night.  Starting, one cushion at a time spray the water bottle to saturate the entire surface. I went to the stitch around the edge. then take your brush and give the cushion a good scrub. You will likely get misted with the excess water and you might want to put a towel on the floor so your floor doesn't get wet. Continue with each cushion until complete. I didn't clean the top cushion except for one that was extra dirty. It was the same process.
When you make up in the morning the couch will look 100x better, there still may be some faint marks left but years of toddler couch abuse will do, hehe.  So your couch now looks better but when you touch it it feels stiff... to remedy you just have to get out your brush again (it should be dry) and brush the couch in a circular motion. And Waaa Lahh!
Another good tip is to use unscented wipes for the little spills until you can get the time for a good cleaning.

Good luck and let me know if it worked as well for you.

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