Disney On Ice - Dare to Dream

Last year we took the boys to their very first Disney on Ice, Toy Story 3. We had a great night although things with a toddler and infant are a bit chaotic. This year, my friend Jamie got free tickets through work and snagged four for us. However, Dal had been feeling crummy with the flu so I decided to bring Lil D (since Grif is a runner) and invite my friend Rachel and her daughter Reegan. They were thrilled to be invited!

Rachel rushed home to get Reegan and met up with us at our house so we could ride together. We had to make a detour in Avondale to grab the tickets from Jamie (she couldn't make it because her son got sick :( ) and then we rushed downtown. We parked super close to the venue (which is helpful with toddlers) and headed in to the show.

The show was broke into three parts, Princess and the Frog, Cinderella, and Tangled.  I was excited for the Tangled portion because that is a favorite movie in our house so I knew Lil D would be familiar with it. We had never seen Princess and the Frog but it looked cute so we may have to get that one. Reegan is a big Cinderella fan and really wanted to see Mickey.

When we came in the Princess and the Frog part had already started and Lil D was already mesmerized, mouth gaping open and all!  He sat in his own seat for the first half of the show but would hold me hand and look over at me and give me a big smile! Up next was Cinderella which was my favorite movie as a little girl. Then it was time for intermission. Intermission was probably the most trying time for me as sitting still was not happening for my little guy, thank goodness for snacks! Once intermission was through we resumed for the second half of Cinderella and Lil D was starting to get antsy.. on my lap, off my lap, on his chair, off his chair... but then magic happened when Tangled started. He sat/stood the entire time absolutely immersed in the performance and it was an impressive performance involving a swinging routine using fabric that was a symbol or Rapunzel's hair. Towards the end of the show the cutest thing ever happened, Lil D kept holding his arm out towards the ice. I don't know if he was pretending to skate like them or was just really into the familiar songs but it was so sweet.

Reegan also enjoyed the show but got sleepy before the Tangled segment. Rachel and I could have been more pleased with how well behaved the kiddos were. It was such a great, fun night. I can't wait to take the boys to more Disney on ice shows!

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