[Review] Baby Cargo Georgi Bag

It's been over a month now that I've received my Georgi bag by Baby Cargo. And I have not stopped using it once! I am usually a girl who likes to switch things up and change bags all of the time.. but I just can't get enough of my Georgi bag!!!

It has gotten me through the crazy holiday season flawlessly. Many shopping trips, holiday gatherings, doctor appointments, stay-cation, Disney on Ice, and even a short road trip to San Diego. I don't think I have ever felt this organized and put together as I do with this bag in tow!

There are a lot of things I love about this bag:
-The look.. it's a nice looking bag and I get complements on it all of the time.
-It also has a long crossbody strap, which is my preferred method wearing it.
-My phone, keys, chapstick and water bottle are ALWAYS handy in their respective pockets.
-The large grommets fit so nicely over our umbrella stroller handles and I even had my bag work as a cup holder while attached to the stroller!
-Let me go back to the POCKETS!!!! I love that there are SOO many! I am a mom to boys who LOVE their snack so the back pockets of my bag are usually full of raisin boxes and fruit snacks.

Although this bag is technically considered a diaper bag.. I've used it as my main bag and I don't see switching any time soon. I love that there is plenty of room tokeep all of my things in it and throw in a couple of diapers and sippy cups when I'm out with my boys! My boys are older now and don't need as much stuff for short trips.. But the way I fill this bag up with random things I know there is plenty of room and pockets  for all the extra items you need with infants! I love that I can do it all.. with only one convient bag that i don't even notice I'm wearing half the time!!

So what do I have in my bag you ask??? Well here are the usual suspects:
Plus MORE and when I'm going somewhere with the boys add, wipes, 2-4 diapers/pull-ups, 2 sippy cups, a box of apple juice, even MORE snacks, action figures/hot wheels, and this time of year a sweater and hat of some sort!

and guess what.. my bag never looks like it's that full! It somehow remains to look fairly thin. and the cross-body means I don't feel the extra weight either!
I just have so many nice things to say about this bag. If you follow me on Instagram you've probably seen my #realmomstyle

(If you don't already follow me I'd love to be friends, my name is @JenAStreet Also, to keep up on all kinds of fun trends @babycargo is on Instagram as well)

I received a complimentary Georgi bag for my participation in this campaign. As always ALL opinions are my own.