President's Day in Payson

On President's Day 2013 Dallas and I both had the day off. Since we don't get many full day's off together we try to take advantage of these rare occasions by going for a drive or doing something as a family. This time a drive to Payson it was!

We loaded up and left the house around 10:30 am with a stop at Starbucks (but of course, a road trip must) and we hit the road. It was only about a two hour drive and the boys were really good. Once we arrived we drove around and figured out a place to grab some food. We ordered a pizza from The Pizza Factory (their bread sticks were delish) and headed to the park.

We ate and the boys wondered around, Griffin fell on his face on the concrete :( my poor guy. He had a bloody/fat lip and looked like he had gotten into a fight.

When we were done eating (and cleaning up a bloody lip) we walked over to the playground area where Lil D sat and swang on a big boy swing for the first time! Then we walked across the street to the duck pond. We didn't have any bread so the boys were tossing pebbles into the water. A little girl and her family came along with a bag of bread and brought over a couple of pieces for the boys. We helped them tear and toss it and of course they had to eat some themselves (since we never feed them, haha) Soon after that it was time to walk back to the car and go back home.

It was so nice getting out of the house and getting to focus on each other and just hang out and play together. I love that we have years of these fun adventures with our boys ahead of us.

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