I met up with a group of fun woman to participate in The Color Run. And as luck would have it.. it would be the rainiest day EVER but I was determined to go and have a great time. Dallas was planning on going with me but he came down with a stomach bug.. so I was on my own!

I'm not very good at navigating and figuring out where to park when it comes to Tempe so I parked really far and got a good mile walk in before even getting to the start line!! And lucky for me I located the group of Arizona Bloggers!!

We had a great time tromping through the rain and the fun colors at the different color throwing station and we kept our feet dry until the last color.. AKA the blue lagoon.. Our feet were quite soaked and they definitely turned blue! But all in all it was a great time!!

The fun bloggers I met up with were:  Sara from Mom Endevors, Sara from Clever Pink Pirate,
Becca from Our­Crazy­BoysHeather from Kus­tom KissersMichelle from My Three Peas,
Allison from All for the BoysHeather from Brie Brie BloomsJessi from Shug­gilippo,  
Karen from Desert Chica Ram­blings, and Courtney from Wil­hem Fam

After crossing the finish line we had to pose for a couple of fun group after shots and then a few of us brave soles played in more color and went and danced, threw color to the DJ in the crowd. What a great lot of fun! Then for the treck... a mile back to my car alone :( boo that was the worst part.

My car was one of the last ones left in the parking lot so I went ahead and stripped off the little skirt I had on over my leggings and switched out shirts since I had Dal's Color Run shirt int he car. Let me tell you how nice the long, hot shower to scrub myself clean as well as a bowl of hot, homemade potato soup.. thank you Vitamix.
After showering and relaxing for a bit Dallas and I met up with Jamie and Andy to see a movie and grab a drink. We saw Django Unchained which was definitely a Tarantino shoot 'em up film. It was a fantastic and adventurous Saturday.

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