St. Patty's Weekend 'O Fun 2013

Fun weekend 'o fun!

We had such a great St. Patty's day weekend. Friday we had the Harding Family over, we had build your own salads and then Rachel helped me with some wedding crafts while the kiddos (and hubby's) watched everyone's current favorite Wreck it Ralph!

We got to once again see the Harding's at a super fun circus themed birthday celebration for an adorable two year old named Amelia. The boys enjoyed the heck out of the slide and the the bubbles!

Yet again we got to see our favorite Harding's on Sunday evening for St. Patty's Day. Ryan made corned beef and cabbage and invited us to share in on the fun! We drank some Guinness and Dal and I made some "Irish" nacho's. They were SO GOOD that the four of us may have eaten a family size bag of kettle chips. Whoopsie. The corned beef and cabbage were yum too and we even had authentic soda bread!

And guess what the kids asked to watch again.. YUP, Wreck It Ralph! It's so much fun having friends with kiddos around the same age.. Fun for the whole family :)
  Photo and Collage Credit: Flecky Fotography
  Photo and Collage Credit: Flecky Fotography

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