Wreck it Ralph Party - Lil D turns 3!

We celebrated Lil D's 3rd birthday Wreck It Ralph style!
We had an evening party in the back yard where we borrowed a projector to have an outdoor movie. I created a cute ticket style invite to let guests know that we were planning on having a party and then an outdoor movie!
Wreck It Ralph party supplies are pretty scarce so I had to be creative to show the theme. First off I dressed the boys up as the two main characters of the Movie, Ralph and Felix. Then I incorporated the three games in the movie, Fix It Felix Jr., Sugar Rush, and Hero's Duty.

For the Fix It Felix Jr., representation I bought a roll of brick looking paper and hung some up on the fence to use as a photo booth backdrop. I also bought a pair of large Ralph hands from the Disney store and I made a gold Felix hammer by spray painting one of the four toy hammers we already owned. The boys love both of these and play with them all the time.

I used more of the brick paper on the sweets table by wrapping it on plastic shoe containers to add height. For the Sugar Rush portion of the movie. I also made candy decorations out of plastic plates and cellophane and suckers out of balloons, pvc pipe, and cellophane for yard decor. *Did you know that you can use hot glue on a brick fence and as long as you're not gluing paper it pops right off!!

The sweets table was a lot of fun to put together. I planned on including the My Hero blue cookies but the frosting I bought was a total fail so I gave up on it. I did have blue cookies, also made chocolate dipped Oreo to represent the O-RE-O OREOOOO soldiers in the movie! I included a bunch of different kinds of candy and even a pie.. since that is what the Nicelanders give Felix.  For the cupcakes I made cupcake toppers that were each unique. There are a lot of different characters so I simply googled the characters, printed, and cut them out then added a toothpick. I think they turned out super cute.

For the Hero's Duty representation (I bet you really gotta watch where you step in a game called Hero's duty!)  I created a game by placing toy bugs (aka cybugs) all around the backyard. I gave the kids a little container with the Hero's Duty logo on it and told them once they collected 5 bugs to see me for their prize Their prize, of course, was a toy medal! I picked them up at the dollar store but wanted more of an authentic look so I bought some blue ribbon and switched it out. To make the game more difficult for the older kids in attendance I told them that they couldn't use their hands. It made for some entertainment for sure. I really liked that it was a game that could be played whenever a new guest arrived. It didn't need a group of kids to all focus on the instructions at once and it wasn't super competitive so everyone got to win!

For the favors, I simply made goody bags using some fun red/white striped bags that Party City carries. They're really inexpensive which is a bonus. I, of course, had to add a personalize tag.  used the Sugar rush logo and added the blur: thanks for coming, here's a Sugar Rush to go! XO, Dallas.

Once everyone had eaten I laid down some fun chevron blankets that I had picked up cheap at goodwill ($5 each, can't beat that and I found them in the same trip....score!) and we sang happy birthday, ate cupcakes and lil D opened his presents. He got some fun stuff! Wreck It Ralph toys, but of course, some accessories for the Leap Pad 2 his grandparents got him!! A coupe of outfits, chalk, bubbles, water balloons, a fun pool.  He also got gift cards to Barnes and Noble and Toys R Us. He and I are gonna go on a date one of these nights and go shopping. The boy loves books so I think he'll really enjoy picking out his own. He did receive a Wreck It Ralph book that he loved. One of his favorite gifts!

And of course after getting all those great gifts we had to send thank you cards. This year I chose to do so through a fun app called Postagram. It's a really fun app and I found credits online so it was free for me to send, this may be the way I send all future thank you notes from now on! So easy and personalized
xoxo, Jen

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