Cottonwood Day Trip

We don't get many full days off together as a family. As it currently stands Dallas' days off fall during the week and I work a Monday-Friday job and now we have to factor in Lil D's school schedule too. So when the rare occasion arises we try to take full advantage of it. Sure it would be nice to spend the day cleaning the house or getting something done but we prefer to load up the kids and take a road trip.

I love these little days away with my family. We get to spend time in the car not distracted by computers (although I occasionally need to make myself set down my phone) but I feel like we're able to reconnect and and enjoy the most important thing in life, our family.

Dallas and Griffin will only be so little for so long and before we know it they're going to want to go off and do their own things or invite a friend to come along.. But there is a desire in my heart that they'll enjoy these day trips just as much as we do and as long as we can we will try to make these happen.

Earlier this year we took a drive to Payson but this time we decided to go to Cottonwood. We both had the Monday after my sister's wedding off so we decided a little bit of family bonding after the very busy previous few months was in order.

Dallas and I often go and look at the places we drive to as a possible location of where we'd like to one day move to. We have dreams of moving to a smaller city with more land and room for the boys to spend their childhood running and playing.

We got up and left the house around 10ish, did the standard Starbucks run and headed off... When we got to Black Canyon City we came to a complete stop. There was a bad accident where a truck pulling a trailer completely flipped over. We were stuck for almost two hours. Luckily, we thought to bring snacks since we weren't getting lunch anytime soon. We were only about 20-30 cars back from the accident so once we were allowed to pass we were ahead of all the traffic so we didn't want to stop until we got closer to our destination.

We first stopped and grabbed some pizza and wings and then we headed to a park (our day trip ritual). The park we came across had the standard playground area as well as a volleyball court and baseball field nothing to make it special until you walk past all of that and discover a hiking trail. We took it a ways but the boys' cheeks were getting flushed so we needed to go back and get them some water. We didn't spend a long time in Cottonwood but we did spend some quality time playing and enjoying our time.

Here are some photos of the fun we had. Can't wait for our next adventure!

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