Mr. Griffin Turns 2

I blinked... and I no longer have a baby. My baby is now a full fledged toddler with opinions and ideas of his very own! This little man has truly captured our hearts.

Griffin enjoys doing whatever his big brother is doing and I often joke that he's picking on his big brother. He likes to pull Lil D to the ground in a bear hug and giggles the whole time. The boys enjoy chasing each other around the house and truly love each other's company.

Dallas said it best when he said that Griffin was going to be a lot of fun to hang out with but a pain in the butt to raise :) He's a stubborn one, but he can be so darn sweet. He refers to his blankie as his "boo" His blankie is any blanket that has been knitted so that he can stick his little toes through the holes.

My Mr. Griffin is so full of spunk and personality and our family would not be the same without him. He loves playing games whether it is peek-a-boo, a good round of cheer and clap, then stop, then start again, stealing someone else's seat, or just running the other direction when you call him. He has the best belly laugh ever.

Grif is super smart and knows exactly where he left his cup and will retrieve his and his brothers cups when asked, he's really good about listening when we ask him to pick up toys or put his plate in the sink/trash. He loves to eat and hasn't expressed any picky-ness yet. Something that always amazes me and I'm sure will change as he gets a bit older but his picky-ness translates to other things as well. Lil D tends to want a specific color cup/plate/bowl/toy he will go and switch Griffin and Grif done'st hesitate he just hands his brother wants and he takes the one Lil D doesn't want... it cracks me up!

This year Griffin's birthday landed on Father's Day. I joke with Dallas that I gave him a great Father's Day gift and it's the gift that keeps giving. And he really is a gift to our family. He is my sweet little boy and this life  is that much better because he is a part of it.

STATS: 29 pounds and 34 inches tall

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