Glow in the Dark Ring Toss

Looking for a way to keep the kiddos entertained at an evening BBQ or while camping. Well look no further I came up with a glow in the dark ring toss game with supplies from the dollar store!

What You Need:
-3 bubble wands (3 colors)
-3 packages of glow in the dark bracelets (5 bracelets in each)

What You Do:
1. When it starts getting dark, open your glow sticks and light them up, find two that coordinate for each color bubble wand and shove inside the bubbles.

2.  Light up four more glow sticks and make into rings to toss (bracelets) for each kid.

3. Dig a hole deep enough for the handle to fit into and pack the dirt (or rocks around it).

4. Give the kiddos some rings and let them toss away.

I think the next time we'll pick more of a pink/red color because the blue and purple are too similar.

What fun about this is it's compact enough to easily take camping, the glow sticks can be played with all night by the kiddos, and the next day the kids can use the bubbles! For only 6 buck (plus tax) it's cheap entertainment! Plus you can easily convert it to a daytime game by jazzing up the rings with some washi tape! If your kids are a bit older you could add point values and make up a scoring system but since I was dealing with toddlers I opted for the "lets cheer if you make one" scoring.