[Girls Weekend 2013] Palm Desert!

I feel like it is soo important to take time off of being a mother and the stresses of day to day life to get away for some much needed girl time. Last year my friend Kari organized a trip to San Francisco and we've decided to make these girls trips an annual thing at the end of July every year (we have a few teachers in the group.)

This year I knew a few of us were pinching pennies so another big city trip with airfare and a tiny, expensive hotel room was out.. I suggested Palm Desert. We stopped there last year on our family trip to Lake Tahoe and had a great time. I picked Palm Desert for a few reasons, it was a reasonable drive (less than 4 hours for most of us), there are timeshares there and it would be cheap. I love staying in timeshares it's so nice having a full kitchen and living room set up!

Jamie and I were unable to get off of work early on Thursday so everyone met up at Jamie's house around 5pm so we could carpool there.. well we got a bit of a rough start as Kari's car would not start :( After calling and trying to jump it and then finally deciding to all pile into another car, six girls in a sedan with a front jump seat, we were on our way. Miraculously, all of our luggage fit just fine and we were even able to shove a ton of groceries in the trunk as well! I finally got to the check-in counter at midnight and we loaded up the bell carts and went to our awesome villa.
Once in the room we unpacked and changed into pj's. Jamie made jello shots and the drinks started flowing. We stayed up til 4am playing games.. If you haven't heard of Heads Up (a phone app)... get it, so much fun!
The next morning (well practically afternoon) we headed out to the pool.. it was raining. We set up under a canopy and it stopped so we moved to the sun and enjoyed a gorgeous pool day. The weather was amazing there was a nice breeze, the water was cool and it was just so nice to relax. We spent a good amount of time out at the pool enjoying lunch from the pool bar. We were able to take our own drinks so we didn't spend too much either! Once the clouds parted and the sun became more harsh I decided I needed to go back to the room so I didn't burn which was a good thing since I had already started to!
After pool time it was time to take shifts in showering/getting ready and preparing dinner. Three of us stayed behind to get cleaned up while the other four went to the store. When they were back from the store, the three of us cooked dinner while they showered and got ready. We made a delicious pasta dinner with a nice salad and garlic bread. After dinner it was time to head out to play the family feud which was one of the resort activities.. well it pretty much sucked so we bounced early. We went from a family friendly resort activity to a casino! We had a great time listening to live county music and getting up and doing some dancing!! There was a little but of gambling involved (I lost $20.) We looked super cute in our super bright shirts!!
Once we made it back to the hotel we had more drinks and took silly photos, but of course! We set up a camera on a timer and took photo after photo.

Next, it was time to exchange our favorite things!!! I asked the girls if they were interested in doing this and they were all game. Everyone enjoyed it so it is definitely something we may incorporate every year. 

We had each girl pick something(s) that were their favorite around $10 and then bring three of the same thing! I put each persons name in a jar x3 and we each picked all of our names. We opted to do it this way because the gifts were wrapped and we didn't want to ruin the surprise. So once we all had our three names one by one we'd get up and hand out our gifts to the ones who got our names and talk about why they are our favorite!
On Saturday we decided to get ready and do some shopping! We made our way out to the fabulous outlet mall and only walked half of it before we were shopped out and ready for some more pool time!

After shopping and hanging at the pool (and possibly napping) we decided to get ready and head to dinner. We wanted pizza and beer so we headed to Papa Dan's which was recommended by the hotel. The pizza was huge and delicious and the beer was cheap we could have stayed and drank there for a while but they were closing. We talked about going to a bar and doing some karaoke but ended up just staying in the room and talking about silly things.. prom's, first crushes, etc.
On Sunday we were going to go see the huge Marilyn statue in Palm Springs but instead opted to find a good breakfast spot and head out on to the open road back home! Jamie snapped some fun car photos!
Another great girls trip in the books, can't wait to see what we decide to do next year!

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