Kari's Birthday Bingo Bonanza!

After my fun Instathirty birthday it was time to head to the casino and hit up some L8 Nite Bingo for my best friend Kari's 30th bday!

L8 Nite bingo is so much fun because there is a DJ with fun music, glow sticks and a photobooth!! I got in there with my other BFF Jamie, and also and our husbands. Dallas had been drinking some and had no regards for my throat with his dang food tray. A little while later my mom requested a photo booth session with me and Dal. Being that its was bingo my mom was all for attending!

There was a group of 14 of us and two in our group won! My husband included!! He won $80 which definitely helped make the night much more affordable.

Being the silly girl I am, I bought some little troll dolls and attached a cute little note of each of the bingo attendees!
A few days later I went onto the Casino Arizona's Fb page to see if they had uploaded the Photobooth photos we took when I came across something even better. Jamie and Andy were the "BigShot" of the week which mean their faces were used for bingo promotions for the week including the gigantic marquee you can see from the freeway!
Here are my photo strips!

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