DIY Tool Bench

You may remember seeing this fun tool bench here... but I thought I'd share with you the details of this fun DIY!

What You Need:
-old nightstand
-peg board
-peg board hooks
-paint colors of choice I chose a gray counter top paint and black chalkboard paint
-toy tools

What I Did:
I came across the gray colored counter top paint in the oops section at home depot and knew it would be perfect for my project. I was looking for a gray color and was excited to find the counter top paint because I felt like it would be more durable for a couple of little boys that I know. So one frosty evening I worked on painting my old nightstand everywhere but the top with the gray paint and then chalkboard paint on the top as well as on the peg board.After letting it fully dry and doing any touch ups I was ready for assembly.

Being that I am still a bit afraid of power tools I had my husband cut down the peg board so it didn't stick out on the sides and he attached the two pieces together.

Then, I cut out a big DG and painted it onto the peg board to personalize it.

Once it was dry and put together it was time to add in a bunch of pegs and hang the toy tools. A while back I had bought three different toy tool sets really cheap on so I had those and then decided to also get the boys another tool box and a couple of hard hats with lamps. My mom works for Home Depot and had picked them up aprons a while back so I hung those on it too. I think it turned out so darn cute!

This project was featured on the Let's Hear it for the Boys Link Up.

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