Mickey Letter

A few weeks back we were invited to a fun Mickey Clubhouse themed birthday party. Being that we were headed on vacation we weren't able to make it but I still wanted to create a fun gift! I had seen cute letters painted to look like Disney characters online before so I thought I could attempt make a Mickey Mouse one!

It was actually really simple and fairly inexpensive. I picked up the "G" on sale at JoAnn's for less than $5. Instead of attempting to make circles for the ears I bought those little wooden ones at JoAnn's for around $0.40 each. I had paint on hand and found very mickey-ish white buttons for a couple dollars.

What You Need:
-cardboard or wood letter of choice
-2 round circles for mickey ears
-2 white buttons (round cut out circles would work as well)
-red craft paint
-yellow craft paint
-black craft paint
-washi or painters tape
-paint brush

-Tape lines across the letter, the bottom section is the narrowest, the mid section should be the biggest and the top section is somewhere in between (clear as mud, right?)

-Paint the bottom section yellow and the top section black, I painted all the edges that would be seen as well. Let dry.

-My color was pretty thin so I painted a second coat.

-While drying, paint the round circles black. These will need two coats as well.

-Once that layer is completely dry it's time to move the tape. I moved it onto the other color with a bit of the color exposed, I painted the red over top so that the red edge would be perfect. let dry, then paint second coat.

-Once dry, remove tape and hot glue the ears onto the top and the buttons at the top of the red section.

and if you're lucky enough to have a two year old whom is really helpful you may get the awesomeness below (lucky for me I got to it in time and was able to get all the wet paint off and repaint it with no issues.) Aren't two year old's THE BEST!?!

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