[Review] Ponds BB Cream

Please note I received this product for free through Influenster, all opinions are 100% mine!

Have you heard of BB cream? BB stands for Beauty Balm and it sets up to streamline your skin care into one cream instead of having to purchase many. It provides coverage, moisturizes and provides sun coverage among a host of other benefits!

Not only will this cream help you save time in your daily routine it also helps reduce dark spots! 
I was blessed to get to go on a few vacations this summer and my Ponds BB cream, my new beauty bff, came along for the ride!! It was so nice bringing along a product that would provide great coverage to those pesky skin blemishes as well as provide spf so I didn't have to worry about my face getting burned while I was at the beach, camping in the woods, laying by the pool or even cruising the scorching streets of Las Vegas!

I do have to admit that while I loved the benefits of the cream and the coverage I have not used this as an everyday cream for the last couple of weeks. It went on with a matte finish and looked very nice but throughout the day I noticed my skin getting a bit oily on my forehead and I don't wear powder so during the week I tend to stick to a lighter cream and I use this one for nights out and as before mentioned vacations!

**Update** I actually started using this BB cream again now that the temperatures have started to cool and I am loving it. No greasy forehead so I think that was just how my skin reacted to the weather with it!!

So are you convinced that you should try it and see how it does with your skin?? Right now if you visit the ponds facebook page you can get a $2 off coupon to try it yourself! Also, Ponds is having a Beauty BFF Sweepstakes you should check out!!

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