Life Lesson--Stealing

Last night we went over to one of our favorite families houses, The Harding's. The husbands wanted to get together to talk about coaching football, they will begin their first season of coaching next week. The wives talked all kinds of things, iphone apps, blogs, etc. And the children, well they ran around like crazies. We had dinner and watched some episodes of Sid the Science Guy a typical family night.

I like nights like this where it's just so easy to be around your people. And the Harding's, they're our people.

Anyhoo, the kids were playing, as kids do and destroying their house (sorry Rache!) There was fighting over toys and squishing of others against the walls, and fighting over some other toys plus some screaming and crying.. typical stuff. At the end of the night when it was time to go Lil D wanted to carry his lunch box that we had brought their dinner in and I let him. We got the boys home and were settling in when Lil D sat at the counter and opened his lunch box and pulled out four little toys.. toys that were not his. Here's what I put on Instagram:
Tonight these toys came home in my 3 year olds lunch box from our friends house. His dad and I calmly explained to him that these were not his toys, they were his friends toys and that is called stealing... The look on my poor baby's face was one of sincere guilt.. He knew he was wrong and he felt remorse and that sad face was heartbreaking to see.. But at the same time it was almost an affirmation that were doing ok with this parenting thing and our boy has a moral compass of wrong and right. As humans we all make mistakes the real test is how you handle it.. Do you sweep it under the rug or own up to it.. @reharding (Rachel) Lil D will be coming over soon to return these to his friends and say sorry.

So some time this week we will be heading back over there for him to give the toys back. He needs to know that his actions have consequences. It would have been so easy for me to return the toys to my friend the next morning when we carpooled but this is something that, even at 3, Lil D needs to learn on his own. I know there will probably be some crying but as his momma I will stand my ground do my best to get a "sorry" out of him.

This parenting thing is no joke!

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