Wreck it Ralph and Fix It Felix Costumes

Back in April my oldest turned three and we threw a Wreck It Ralph themed birthday party complete with an outdoor movie (not Wreck It Ralph because of technical difficulties.) It was such a fun theme to put together involving lots of sugar!

About a week before the party my husband and I got the brilliant idea to dress the boys as the main characters of the movie Wreck it Ralph and Fix It Felix. There wasn't much time and scouring the stores wasn't going to happen so I tool to the internet to find the pieces (gotta love expedited shipping) We received everything in time.. including the very last package the day off the party which were the Felix shirt/hat logos!

Fix It Felix Costume
-blue uniform shirt from French Toast
-already owned jeans
-utility boots from Payless
-hat from Amazon
-shirt/hat logos from Etsy
-toy hammer (owned) spray painted gold

Other than locating and collecting the pieces all I had to do was spray paint the hammer and iron on the patches. Easy Peasy!

Wreck It Ralph Costume
-maroon overalls found on Ebay
-green under shirt, already owned
-orange under shirt from JCPenny's (can't find on the site anymore)
-large hands from the Disney Store

For this costume all I did was cut the shirt sleeves and a zig zag pattern at the bottom of the pants and pin the overall front down.
Don't you think they made the perfect little Felix and Ralph??

These costumes won The Grant Life's Costume Contest.

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