A Fleeting Moment

This morning after I got up and finished getting ready about to head out to make myself some coffee and go to work a little boy came into my room... and he wanted his mommy.

So instead of hugging him and heading out I pulled him into my arms, wrapped him in a blanket and sat on my bed just holding him. I snuggled him with all my might and then he patted my pillow and said "night night" so I obliged laying back and letting him snuggle into me some more. I stroked his cheek to feel his soft still baby-like skin and I relished in this fleeting moment. I kissed his hair and tickled his arm just loving him like only a mommy can.

His face looked so angelic and peaceful the worries of the world were far from my mind. In this moment there was no speech delay, no tantrums because he wasn't getting his way and no pushing his little brother. I treasured it, drank it in and burned it into my memory feeling like it was just yesterday when he was so little and new and I held him the very same way.

I pray for myself to find patience and understanding I pray to learn the right way to raise this child. I pray that he grows and thrives and learns. He is my little boy and I am his momma. My world is a better place because he is in it.

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