Griffasaurus Dino Birthday

I was going for simple... but I don't know if I know how to plan a simple party. :) My Griffin is a roarer, every toy has to ROAR according to this kiddo!!! So I felt it was fitting to have a dinosaur themed party and it was a roaring good time!
Being that Griffin's Birthday is in the middle of June we decided it'd be nice to have a water party! We got a room at the Marriott Canyon Villas which has a fabulous kids pool. We had went to it once, the year before, for our baby friend Gabriel's first birthday.

We went ahead and got a 2 bedroom villa and my parents paid the difference so we could all just crash and have Father's Day breakfast together in the morning. Dallas especially liked the close proximity of his commute to and from work. In fact, after the party we took a drive to his resort and gave away a bunch of the food and picked up a bunch of delicious coffee!

The party ended up being an intimate affair which actually worked out really well being that it was cramped quarters.

The kiddos LOVED the pool and had such a great time. Well except for Lil D who wasn't interested. I don't think he was feeling the best. :(

I did a lot of decorating with an adorable dino printable kit from Strawberry Mommy Cakes.  From the dino fossil rocks to the dino candy jars I just loved putting this party together.

Now for the eye candy!

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