[Oh What Fun] Christmas Home Tour 2013

I wanted to share the Christmas decor making our home feel nice and cozy this holiday season. I was going for a very traditional, homey feel with lots of red, green, black, white and gray. I picked up a bunch of sweater looking ornaments and decor on clearance at the end of last season to add the cozy. I'm loving the traditional look which is pretty different from the last couple of years where I went with more vivid bright colors.I see myself sticking with the traditional look for years to come.
I, of course had to make a couple of new ornaments and plan on making a few more with the boys. This year I used a few cookie cutters I had around including the one I used for my Instagram party and covered them with washi tape as seen on A Night Owl.
I also stepped outside of my decorating box and tour up an old book and covered the wall behind our television. I love it but have gotten mixed reviews. People think I'm hiding children wall drawings.. which I am not :)
I added touches of holiday decoration on the shelving in our living room as well. I wanted to cover the top shelf in lots and lots of little trees but that sadly did not happen this year. I may start picking a couple more up each year and adding to this though. I also added our Christmas books and movies to a shelf and pine cones/ornaments wherever I could.
In the kitchen I filled up our display cabinet with framed holiday photos and glass decorations I didn't want broken... I also use the bottom shelf to house our elves and their shenanigans. I moved them around but feel I can't be as creative because I don't want the boys to touch them so behind the glass where they can see is perfect for us.
In the bathroom I replaced the beads in the vase with ornaments and put cute little felt ornaments on the branches to give it a Christmas tree feel.
This year since I got a big tree on clearance after Christmas last year I put up our little tree in the boys' playroom and added all the fun colorful ornaments to it as well. I love that we have a tree the boys can add their own creations to and place and replace heir ornaments all they want!
The last place that got some Christmas loving was the front yard. I added just a few light up decorations to look festive and love how no fuss but cute it looks.
I love the feel of Christmas, the twinkling lights the homey decorations and the memories made by the glow of a Christmas tree!

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