Ignite Hope Walk 2013

Last year we began a tradition without even realizing it. We attended the first annual Ignite Hope walk benefiting The Phoenix Children's Hospital and had such an amazing and moving experience that we knew that participating every year was a must! So when October came I was on the look out for signups to attend again. I think it's good to have a tradition that is more meaningful for the boys. One that makes them learn to be grateful for the things they have, including their health.

The weather was gorgeous, not too cold, not too warm. The walk to the hospital was really nice we had a group behind us signing Christmas songs, the boys were loving playing with the light up candles and we enjoyed chatting with our friends. They blocked off the road so traveling down Thomas in a group went smoothly both there and back (we skipped the shuttle and hoofed it back.)

When we arrived to the hospital’s front drive my three year old started doing the wiggle, you know the one that means their bladder might explode if you don’t do something and fast! I asked one of the workers directing foot traffic and he steered me to the hospital entrance, I rushed my kiddo over there and the security guard told me there were port-a-potty’s by the stage which happened to be way on the other side of the crowd. So with my arms burning and my son still wiggling we rushed straight through the crowd,luckily there was no line at the potty’s and we made it in the nick of time! One of those proud mommy moments as well as a sigh of relief that he didn’t pee both of our clothes!

Other than being directed the wrong way for the bathroom the event was phenomenal! There were sweet stories of the patients shared, tears shed by all and we left with a warm heart that we brought hope to these children. I feel for those children and families that are too sick to make those special family memories.

After the walk we headed to Streets of New York for a late dinner. Unfortunately the service wasn't the greatest and they totally forgot to put our pizza into the system but the boys were so good and by the end of our meal I thought Lil D was going to fall asleep at the table!

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