Enzie Gender Reveal

Before we even found out that my best friend Jamie was pregnant we talked about her having a gender reveal party and all the different ways we could do it.

So when the time came we got the details in order and a preppy navy blue and dark pink theme with lots of bows and bowties was decided!

Jamie and her husband Andy tag-teamed the graphic for the facebook invite. It was just a small event with her immediate family and two best friends. The party was a dessert party later in the evening the night before Thanksgiving and my husband was set to record and create a social media announcement!

The party details were simple using the silhouette machine and decorations we had on hand. The food consisted of treats in pink and blue varieties! I put together a bunch of olds wives-tale tests and created the chalkboard with the results.

We were instructed to pick a team by wearing a pin of a pink bow for a girl, or a navy bowtie for a boy!  Of course team photos were necessary!
Then it was time to open the trunk and find out!!! Being that Jamie and Andy already knew they filled the trunk with a cute banner, balloons and a couple of cute outfits.
 The result. A Girl!! Amelia Rose Enzweiler!
Jamie and Andy shared a cute story with us after the reveal about how they asked Jacob at the doctors office before they found out if he was going to have a sister or brother and he kept saying "My sista, my sista."

We're all so excited to get to buy pink this time around!

Also, if you're interested in seeing the video that my husband of Street Studios put together visit his Vimeo page HERE!

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