Busy Bag Swap 2013

This year See Vanessa Craft hosted her 2nd annual Busy Bag Swap play date. Being that I attended last year and the boys loved playing with their bags I was super excited to sign up again!

This year Vanessa had two age groups Infant/Toddler and Preschool. She also put a limit on the number of kids for each group at 15 which I was so thankful for as last year there were 30 kids and I did that x2! 

For the infant/toddler group I created Ombre Felt Chain. To see the toddler bags go HERE. And for the preschool group I made a Count, Sort and Stack block bag. To see all the preschool bags go HERE.
There was an adorable snack table with a build your own trail mix. This was perfect for my kiddos and they gobbled the creations I made them. Shamrock farms also sent some yummy milk too!

In addition to the busy bag swap Vanessa also collected toys for toys for tots and had some great giveaway prizes. At the park there were also craft kits for the kiddos to do. My children were more interested in the running around the park part. In addition to all of that each mom got a swag bag with all kinds of fun stuff.
group photo credit:Kate Eschbach Photography

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