Disney On Ice - Rockin Ever After

Randomly one evening I saw a giveaway happening on Arizona Mama for tickets to the Disney On Ice show that was coming to Phoenix in a few days. Although Dallas thought the show was too princess-ey I went ahead and entered it... well wouldn't you know it, I won!

Since Dallas was not interested in coming and since Jamie gave me tickets to last years show and her little one wasn't feeling well enough to go I knew she'd want to take Jacob and join me and Griffin. And than I realized I'd be crazy to bring Griffin because of his running away thing. She happily agreed to go on a double mommy and son date with me and Lil D.

We made sure to get to work early that day to make it back around and out to downtown after grabbing Lil D and picking Jamie up in Avondale in order to get downtown on time to get Jacob. We met up with Jamie's husband Andy who works down there and grabbed some chipotle then it was off to the show.
After picking up the tickets and finding our seats and a trip to the bathroom it was perfect timing for the show to start. And once it started the boys were in awe! The Little Mermaid part was super cool with glow in the dark paint and Lil D loved Flounder. There was a few Tangled scenes which I love because that movie is so cute! Merida came out and impressed us with some archery and pyrotechnics in her Disney On Ice Debut and the show ended with Beauty and the Beast.

The show was set up like a talent show with Micky and Minnie as the hosts. Every time Mickey left Jacob would ask where's Mickey?
We had a great night and the boys LOVED the show.

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