Rachel's Baby Sprinkle

One of my closest friends will be having a baby any day now! Even though it's her third baby we had to do something to celebrate Mr. Hudson. So a sprinkle was in order. Along with a couple of her other close friends, Kristi and Vanessa we through an intimate baby sprinkle with Rachel's nearest and dearest.

Being that it was close to holiday time we decided to go low key but still adorable.

We started with an adorable invite that Kristi found on Etsy and went from there.
Using my silhouette machine I cut out lots and lots of circles in a few different sizes and different shades of blue and green.  Being that the invite had dots and pennant banners I created some of those as well!

Other than the dots and banners for decoration Kristi put flowers in blue mason jars to dress up the table. The last thing we used to decorate the tables were the party favors. I know my girl Rachel and she loves a good party favor. So I schemed up the idea of creating personalized bottle labels on coordinating Jones color sodas! I created the labels in PicMoneky and actually included her own words from a log post on them which was really special to her. And because we all love a good play on words I also attached a label that said "SODA-lighted you came to celebrate Mr. Hudson." They turned out super adorable if I do say so myself.

We decided to only do one game with two prizes and Vanessa headed that fun up.

The Corner Bakery ended up being the perfect location as we had our own little room to ourself.  They were really good to us, cutting our pastries for us, and allowing us to bring in anything else we wanted to bring. So we opted to bring in mini quiche and cucumber cream cheese tea sandwiches to off set the sweets.

Rachel got a great start to her diaper collection as well as a few other baby necessities. And a great time was had by all.

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