Developmental Language Disorder and.....

Sorry if this post seems a bit disorganized I must admit that my brain is a bit disorganized. I wasn't sure if I was going to share this journey here on my blog but after talking with my husband we decided the more help/support we find, the better.

Per the referral from Lil D's school speech therapist we took him to see a Developmental Pediatrician.

After filling out a ton of forms and the doctor asking us a bunch of questions as well as observing him play with the toys in the room she diagnosed him with Developmental Language Disorder, at risk for Autism, (every questionnaire and observation always results in him being in the gray area because there are things he does that makes you think nope he's good but there are a couple of things that he does that might mean he is.) And she also thinks he may be at risk for ADHD.

When the doctor received the teachers report the ADHD thoughts increased since a lot of what she see's in he classroom aligns with those characteristics.

We had to bring both boys to the appointment and she noticed that Griffin doesn't talk well either and between the two of them they destroyed the toy area in her room and urged us to begin the AeZip program with him, which we already have.

After leaving that appointment we were to change his diet, meaning no sugar, chocolate, caffeine, food dye, sodium.. so basically how all people should eat. We were also waiting on a call to bring him in for a research study with SARRC to determine if he does or does not have Autism.

When I left that I appointment my head swirled... my baby has to be ok. I just want him to talk to communicate to let me hear those inner thoughts I crave. I know they're there I see him working through things a lot. I didn't deny any of what the doctor said we've always had something in the back of our minds that said something is off. I am glad to feel like we're moving in the right direction to figure out what is going on with my sweet boy.

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