A New Journey in Speech Development

I've talked about Lil D's trouble to communicate before but have only briefly touched on Griffin's difficulty as well.

Can I be frank, having children who don't communicate is hard... like really frustrating, pull-out-your-hair I-just-want-to-understand-you-hard, but I digress...

Just like his big brother, Griffin is not talking at the level he should be. Granted, he says more that Lil D did at this age and what he does say is much clearer but still, no where near where he should be.

You think we would have learned our lesson with Lil D and call AeZip right away to get him qualified for services, but nope we waited until he was 2 1/2. We got a rep and got all the approvals very quickly and he'll get a solid four months of appointments 1x a week. We have two therapists come out, one specifically working on his language and the other works to get out his energy and focus him on tasks such as matching colors and puzzles.

Griffin has taken to his therapists and has been getting some words and word combinations under his belt. We also are working on getting him into preschool through the state so when he turns three and the school year starts he'll continue to get help and hopefully will be fully prepared for kindergarten.

With the news of Lil D's diagnosis we went ahead and brought Griffin tot he same developmental pediatrician and she confirmed what we already knew.. he is not at risk for being on the spectrum just a late talker. And this too shall pass.


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