A Reseach Study with Big Implications

When I left off I had mentioned a research study that Dallas was going to participate in to determine if he has Autism or not. It's normally a test that costs $700/800 but if we participated in the study they actually pay us a whopping $60. They get the info for their study as well as a small portion of Lil D's blood.

My husband took him to the appointment. I thought it was just the blood draw and that the actual observation testing would be scheduled at that time but alas it was the whole appointment and I was sad I missed it to witness first hand.

So Dallas took him to The Southwest Autism Research & Resource Center (SARRC) for the appointment. They went into a room and turned on a video camera. Dallas was in the room but was not supposed to prompt Lil D to do anything, he was,  however, allowed to interact with him if Lil D initiated it.

The lady brought toys out to play with Dallas. She had a bubble gun which he really enjoyed and when it was put on a shelf, he signed to his dad to help him get it down. She had a baby doll which he would feed fake cake with "mmmmmsss" as well as fake feed himself. He refused to cover the baby with the blanket though. She tried calling his name to which he would not answer. She would give him the choice between a M&M and a cheerio and no matter which way she presented them he'd always pick the m&m first. Overall Dallas felt like Lil D did a great job and that the observation accurately represented him on a better day.

And then he got his blood drawn to which Dallas said he did a great, brave boy job! Just making a slight discomfort noise but not crying at all.

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