Dear Dallas

To My Dear Sweet Boy Dallas,

I love you so very much.You have such a sweet soul. I love they way you light up and say "MaMa' when I walk in the door. And the sweet way you hold my face and hug me and say "MaMa Okay" at bedtime.Or how you'll hold my hand in the car.I love your voice and how you sing along with the songs in the movies. I love the way you bring your brother's blanket to him when you find it and the silly way you guys chase and laugh with each other.

The other day you ate an entire bunch of bananas and helped yourself to two or three cuties (oranges.) I love that you are showing your independence but c'mon kid FIVE bananas! I told you no to another cutie and offered you a string cheese and you said "no" and put yourself to bed. Like really to bed, fast asleep and all within minutes. I plan on offering you string cheese every night. Most of the time when you help yourself to a banana you peel it, remove the seed at the end, take a bite, then hand half (the smaller, bitten half) to your brother.  Last night when you peeled your cutie and broke it into two sections I asked you to share some with your brother. You were not interested in that so you tried to put both pieces together as if there was only one piece. I told you again to share so you broke off one slice to give him.. you did eventually give him three more but you were trying to be Mr. Smarty pants.

This last year you have developed a lot more useful language and it's been nice having some communication. You definitely know the word "no" but usually say "so sorry" when you're refusing something instead. I love that you use "so sorry" and "sorry" in the proper contexts. However, you say "sorry" even when you did nothing wrong and your brother did.. which happens quite often. I look forward to the day where you can have a conversation and tell us what's going on in that mind of yours.

We met with your teachers a couple of weeks ago to set up your new goals for this next school year and they shared a cute story. The teacher gave you photos of each friend in class and you had to give each friend their photo, which you did. Then she laid out all the photos and asked you to point out each friend when she told you their name... and you knew every one! You don't address anyone by name so we didn't know you knew that. But what we realize each and every day is you know a lot more things than you can communicate. :)

I hope you had the very best birthday a 4 year old could want. I tried to fill your day with fun and Planes! You woke to a fully decorated house where you pointed out every Dusty and Plane you found. We had Uncle Buddy, Auntie Kay, GGma, Grandma and Grandpa Collins over for a yummy banana pancake breakfast where we sang to you and you got to blow out candles and mommy gave you a new Planes book. Then we got you and your brother's haircut and we picked up a couple of new planes. Next, we came back home and watched a movie until it was party time! You seemed to really enjoy your birthday party and blew through the present opening. You especially lit up when mom and dad's surprise gift came out. You carried that Planes Aircraft helicopter around for the rest of the night!

 We love you and our so proud of the smart and sweet kid you are. We can't wait to see what this next years hold and all the growing and learning you will do.
You are SOOO loved baby boy!
xoxo, Mama

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