New Trent iPhone 5/5s Slim & Rugged Case Review

Not too long ago I mentioned that my dear sweet Griffin decided to take my beloved iPhone for a bath. I was not so thrilled and neither was my husband since I had to pay to get it replaced. Dallas told me that I needed to get a case that would protect from everything since I tend to be cell phone accident prone.

I researched and really only saw write ups on Otter Box and Life Proof cases. I decided to go with the super rugged Otter Box case and pretty much hated having it on my phone. I called it my phones car seat and knew it needed to be on my phone for it to be safe.

When New Trent asked if I was interested in trying out their waterproof, dust proof rugged case I was all for it!!

I would pick this case over and over again. typing on the screen is 1000 times better than my Otter Box. No noisy hollow sound and slamming my thumb against the screen for it to respond. And the small size in comparison is a winner in my book! Don't get me wrong my Otter Box definitely protected my phone with it's military grade locks and durable plastic but the size made it feel bulky in my hand.

Another win with the New Trent case is the ability to use my after market charger. I would have to remove my phone from the Otter Box case in order to charge my phone which meant by phone was exposed to the danger that is me (and my children) any time I need to charge my phone. What a pain.
If you couldn't tell, I'm sold on the New Trent rugged case. It protects my phone from the crazy in my life while still keeping my phone sleek and enjoyable.

As I mentioned, New Trent provided me with this case to sample. Now you can sample products too by being part of their Pilot User Program. Go to this link to sign up use the test team code "JenBlog422"

Please note that I was provided with a New Trent Case for my iPhone 5s to review. All opinions are 100% my own after using the case for a week.

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