Friday, May 9, 2014

Disney Planes Party

My first born is officially four! And we celebrated the best way we knew how, with a Disney Planes Party featuring Dusty, but of course!

I had been working on his party for months and started decorating a couple of weeks before! I DIY'd some clouds and added touches of airplanes and dusty wherever I could!

Some of my favorite features were the cute Dusty boxes I found on clearance after Valentines day that were meant for collecting cards, I turned them into balloon holders.

The favor boxes were created out of lingerie gift boxes that I found at the dollar store. I added washi tape, some of the non-valentine valentine cards, stickers and a construction paper handle to make them look like suit cases. Inside there was a Dusty foam glider, bubbles and Planes stickers.

The food consisted of deli sandwiches from the grocery store, chips, dip, and pasta salad made by me.

For the dessert table  I made cookies and cupcakes. The cute cupcakes wrappers were designed by Shnookers.
Another cute feature were the peanuts and pretzels that I put in cellophane bags wth a cute label.  I placed those on the beverage cart just like a flight attendant would. On the beverage cart I also made a batch of infused water I called "Jet Fuel" it was infused with orange slices and blueberries and it went over really well.

For the kiddos I made "In-Flight Meals" I created a label and placed it on a Styrofoam container where I made peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and included grapes and goldfish crackers.

I decorated the house using lots of batting to look like clouds and balloons which the boys enjoyed for days after the party.

The party was great and my boy loved all the details which makes all the hard work SOO worth it!'

Are you looking to host a planes party of your own? head on over to my Etsy shop, Swanky Shindig to get some of the item you see above!

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  1. How did you make the little signs like 'jet fuel' do you have printables to download?

    1. I've been working on getting all the Planes party decor listed in my etsy shop. I moved the printables to the top of the to-post list for ya :)

  2. That's an amazing party! So incredibly cute - well done! The in flight meals may be my favorite.

    1. Thanks Shannon, those were big hits with the littles and the parents since they didn't have to make them a plate :)

  3. This is adorable - my kind of party! I'm definitely sharing on my Pinterest boards, you did such a lovely job!

    1. Thank you so much I loved putting this party together!