How We're Managing An Autism Diagnosis

When Dallas and I found out that our sweet boy was diagnosed with Autism we took a week or two to process the news and then we started to get some ideas of next steps.

We were pretty lost at first. We were told to apply for DDD and long term care through the state, but how do we even do that?

One of the first things we did do was talk to The Southwest Autism Research & Resource Center (SARRC) and we got an appointment for a new parent orientation.  We got a wealth of information of things to do, places to apply and what not to do. They also help set us up for the long term care interview since the questions can be a bit hard to interpret.

My amazing husband has really stepped up and looked into getting applications into all the places we were told to get in with as well as to all the places that are covered through our insurance to get on those radars and get some therapists for our guy.  

He's keeping it all super organized in a google spreadsheet. The front page is a master sheet with each company and their phone number and then there is a tab for each agency he's contacted and where he is at in the process. Every time he has contact with that agency he'll make a note of the date, who he talked to and what was discussed. And if he has an action item, he will highlight the company and make a note on the front page of the spreadsheet. It's been so nice to be able to look and see where we are at with every place.

One of the biggest decisions we've made is the decision for my husband to quit his job. In order to do this we are going to live with my parents for a couple of years to really give the boys what they need. A set schedule, more activities, and more availability for Lil D's therapists. It also means we'll have way more family time such as weekends and holiday's. We're super excited about the change and so very humbled by our friends and family who are so supportive of our decisions.

Dallas has worked for Marriott for almost 5 1/2 years now and stepping back wasn't the easiest decision we ever made but he's been told by multiple higher up people that they are willing to work with him in any way they can if  he's able to work a couple hours here or there and that he always has a job there. They understand that family and home life come first in life and have been supportive of our decision. This has lifted him and has made him more secure in our decision. I'm so proud that he has made this sort of impact at his company.
Photo Credit: Flecky Fotography
Here are my truths:
1. We will do what's necessary to get our kids what they need and deserve.
2. We have a great support system and can't thank them enough.
3. Technology can be so darn helpful to manage all these things.
4. I'm so proud of my husband for being such a great man and father for our boys.
5. We must stay positive for the best results!

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