Thanks for Helping Me Grow!

Teacher Appreciation week is halfway almost over so if you're super last minute, like me, and are looking for a cute + easy gift look no further, we've got you covered!

These little gifts were so quick and easy to make!

What You Need:
-mason jar

Add a handful of rock to the bottom of the mason jar. Next pull your succulent out of it's container and wiggle it into the jar and pushing to make sure it's in there good! Then, push your ruler in and tape the cute, free printable onto it. Lastly, add some cute ribbon!
[To print this printable, right click and do a 'save as' to yout desktop. Once saved, right click on the image and select 'print.' In the print screen, choose as many copies as teachers you are making these for and choose to print the '3.5x5' size. Be sure to un-click the box that says "Fit picture to frame."]
And that's it, quick easy and totally adorable!

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