Camping in Payson

One of our favorite things to do is get out into nature and go camping. I have dreams of getting a small, vintage travel trailer but for now settle for tent camping. We love to go camping in Payson as it is so pretty and just a couple hours away from home.

Par for the course we picked a rainy weekend but we still made a fun time out of it and since we splurged on a 10 person tent we were able to all hang together during the rain. Luckily, we still were able to make our dinner before the rain started, and get a fire going again that evening to make s'mores and get to sit around the fire after the boys fell asleep and the rain subsided. Those are the best parts of camping anyways!

The boys had so much fun hanging out and running around the camp site before the rain came. Griffin loved being out in the rain while lil D opted to go hang in the tent during the rain showers. 

They both had a lot of fun hanging in the tent when all of us were in there. However, the rain and confinement got to Griffin and he fell asleep around 5pm. He briefly woke up later that evening but then slept through the night. Lil D loved helping pack the campsite up he had such a sense of pride on his face which was totes cute.

I love that we got to spend time together away from typical life. Can't wait to get to go again.
xoxo, Jen

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