Party Food-With Sprinkles On Top

Not too long I hosted a baby sprinkle for my best friend Jamie to welcome her new little girl, Amelia. Being that this was her second child we opted to call it a sprinkle and what better way to sprinkle the sweet new baby than with a whole bunch of edible sprinkles!
I can't wait to share the whole party with you as it turned out super cute, but today we're going to talk about the sprinkled treats dessert table!
When I imagined this party a dessert table filled with sprinkle covered yumminess came straight to mind! I decided the best would be to get white candy bark and a variety of sprinkles and go to town dipping and sprinkling all kids of things.

I picked up rice crispy treats, marshmallows, mini waffles, and mini donuts to dip in vanilla candy bark and then topped with different sprinkle types.

Jamie's mom, commissioned her husband's class to make cake pops with sprinkles on top for the party favors and for the dessert table too. The treats went over really well and the table turned out adorable!

Here are the treats I dipped and sprinkled:

Rice Crispy Treats, Mini Eggo waffles, mini powdered donuts, and marsmallows.

To decorate the table I took 2 shades of blue fabric and pinned to the wall. Next I took a white plastic table cloth and batting and twisted and pinned to the wall to look like clouds. The 'a' was created with a wood letter, paper flowers and hot glue. Lastly I added rain drop garland hanging down from the clouds. On the table I just used batting and tucked around the serving dishes to make it appear to float on clouds.

Are you planning a sprinkle soon?? Keep an eye out on my etsy shop for fun, sprinkled decor coming soon!
xoxo, Jen

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