To Others, A Little -- To Us, A Lot

Lil D has been really progressing lately and has hit some awesome milestones. Which got me thinking about the significance of these milestones and how to me they are HUGE while to others with neuro-typical children they may not be big or significant at all. I feel like because of the learning struggles of my special needs children that I really, truly appreciate their accomplishments. And that is a cool feeling!

-The other night we were playing and counting and Lil D counted all the way up to 13 by himself!! I then continued to help him count all the way up to 20. Let me tell you the number seventeen never sounded SO CUTE!!

-Lil D and his therapist practiced drawing circles as seen in the video. They also practiced X's and straight lines. When Dallas sent me this video I have to admit I totally teared up.

-A few days later we were heading to a BBQ for Dallas' mom's birthday and I handed Lil D the blank card and a pen and told him to draw in it. When he gave it back I was so proud to see the before mentioned O's, X's and lines he was just practicing.
-Last week Dallas, Lil D and the therapist went to story time at the library and while they didn't make it to story time they had a great time. Lil D was playing with a little girl and was super engaged with her and kept seeking her out to keep playing!

-Every day his words see to become more and more clear and he is using them more often. This especially fills my heart with joy. I can't wait to hear all the inter-workings of his brain.

I'm so proud of these seemingly small milestones. Ha makes me burst with mommy pride!


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